6 Jun 2023

AI applications in pharmacy

The challenge is to develop applications that complement and support the pharmacist in his or her healthcare work

On May 31 we had the opportunity to give a talk to Anefp associates on a topic that is currently monopolizing all the news and debate about the future of the health system. Our talk “AI applications in pharmacy”.

The presentation, which you have available in the download button, reviews the main magnitudes of investment and the impact on the industry of this technology, the controversy it is creating in society and in the industry, as well as the uses and applications that we will see in the near future implemented in the pharmacy.

Precisely to better understand how it can be applied in the management of a patient’s health, during the presentation we saw a live use case from Mediktor.

José Manuel Pascual and Tania Caballé, CEO and COO respectively of AIO were responsible for the presentation.


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